What is RSS?

RSS Feed IconRSS is a technology that allows people to receive new news stories from websites like the Saint Louis Review without even having to visit the website. Every time we publish a new news story, we update our "RSS Feed," which tells anyone who subscribes to it that there is a new story.

This way, instead of having to visit www.stlouisreview.com every day to see if there is a new story posted, you can simply be notified by your news reader program.

How to Use RSS

In order to subscribe to a news feed (you can subscribe to any of the feeds you see in the "News Feeds" box on the right), you need to have a program on your computer that will browse news feeds. You can use a service like Google Reader on the web, or you can download a program like FeedDemon or NetNewsWire for use on your PC or Mac.

Many computers have built-in RSS readers—if you use Microsoft Outlook, you can use Outlook to subscribe to news feeds. If you have a Mac, you can use the Safari web browser or Mail to subscribe. FireFox also provides a way to see when websites are updated via their news feeds.

More Resources

If you'd like to learn more about RSS Feeds, please visit the links below: