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February 23, 2017

The Little Sisters of the Poor have a clear and simple message to share with the St. Louis community: They're still here and they still need your help.

In August, the sisters announced a plan to withdraw from their ministry in St. Louis after 147 years. They cited an aging community and decrease in sufficient vocations to effectively staff their residence for the needy elderly in north St. Louis.

The primary reason for the announcement was so that the sisters could launch a...

February 09, 2017

The tweet asks: Got nuns?

The answer in this town is a resounding, "Yes."

Where would we be without them? There's no denying their important role in building the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Strong-hearted, pioneering religious sisters came from Europe in the 19th century to lay the foundation for Catholic education, health care, social services and more. Then, smart and savvy religious sisters built on that foundation in the 20th century, bringing education to the masses...

February 09, 2017

Sister Teresa Maya of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word remembers watching the news in Ferguson unfold from the sisters' motherhouse in San Antonio, Texas, and wondered — worried, actually — how her community could make a difference.

One of the sisters' ministries, Incarnate Word Academy, is in the tiny village of Bel-Nor, about 10 minutes from Ferguson. The all-girls Catholic high school has been present there since 1932.

As the community's congregational leader,...

January 12, 2017

When Marie Uwamahoro was 7, her family fled the civil war in the Central African Republic.

She loved her former home, but being so young, the adjustment to life in the United States was easier than it was for her parents. Now a sophomore at Notre Dame High School in Lemay, Marie likes the opportunities St. Louis offers and the diversity of the city. She's planning to attend college, perhaps becoming a nurse.

Belonging to St. Pius V Parish in south St. Louis brings joy to her...

December 15, 2016

At the start of class, Thomascina (Ann) Stringfellow handed out bundles of cash to her students. Three hundred dollars each, to be exact. Not the real stuff, of course, just play money.

Stringfellow wasn't auctioning cars or household items, though. The women in class at the Fathers' Support Center were bidding on values. As in, the things important to them and what they're instilling in their children's lives.

One by one, the students went around the room and shared what they...

November 10, 2016

The Catholic Youth Apostolate's CYC Sports soccer program reports a smooth transition during the first year of its new rule prohibiting head balls by players in fourth grade and below.

The rule was implemented after recent research about brain injuries. The Sports Legacy Institute reports researchers have seen a close relationship between the amount of heading that a player does and brain abnormalities. Researchers also compared soccer players to swimmers, with swimmers' brains...

September 08, 2016

The working conditions on the tomato farm were extremely difficult. There was no access to water on hot days, no bathrooms in sight, and workers regularly experienced harassment at the hands of their bosses. The abuses were all too common, and workers felt they didn't have enough power to speak up.

It was daunting to think about how "you'd have to go home that day and know you'd have to return to the same conditions the next day," said Lupe Gonzalo, who shared her story as part of a...

August 25, 2016
Patricia Stenger looked at five senior living facilities before she found the Little Sisters of the Poor. She knew their residence was place she wanted to call home.

Stenger, who moved into the Old North St. Louis residence in March, became tearful when she learned the sisters were withdrawing from their ministry in the Archdiocese of St. Louis after 147 years.

"They create a peace around the area," she said. "When you're with them, you feel like no matter what you do is...
May 26, 2016

Eddie Rice often tagged along with his older brothers to visit the Pink Sisters at Mount Grace Chapel, just a few blocks away from their north St. Louis home. Donning the cassock and surplice, he'd serve Mass alongside them.

Their father, John, worked for the gas company and visited the nuns' convent several times a year to make sure the furnaces were properly working and all systems were in order.

Those were the beginnings of a decades-long relationship Bishop Rice and his...

May 12, 2016

The upcoming art show celebrating the one-year anniversary of "Laudato Si'" was in the works even before Sister Glynis Mary McMamanon, RGS, opened Shepherding Images Studio & Good Shepherd Gallery in Ferguson this past November.

For one, when Pope Francis's encyclical came out June 18, she was in France at an international meeting of her community — Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. "There was such a build-up," she said recently at the gallery on South Florissant Road. "...

April 21, 2016

At one time, religious sisters formed the backbone of Catholic education in America, serving as teachers or administrators in Catholic schools.

But as sisters have dwindled in number over the past 30 to 40 years, spreading their communities thin, laity has assumed the mission of educating Catholic school students, some of whom might have never even seen a religious sister, let alone interacted with one on a daily basis.

Not so at St. Joseph Parish in Imperial, which has a...

April 14, 2016

By running in the Boston Marathon, the principal of Marian Middle School is setting an example of hard work and perseverance to help her students succeed.

Sister Sarah Heger, CSJ, will be among the 30,000 runners in the challenging race which passes through eight cities and towns on Monday, April 18. The oldest annual marathon in the world, it often is considered the most prestigious. For many, getting a Boston qualifier is a lifetime running achievement. Since 1970, the primary way...

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