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August 29, 2002

Since 1972, the Catholic Church in the United States and abroad has tolerated a pro-abortion organization calling itself Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC). During its 30-year history the group has claimed to speak as a legitimate voice within the Church to purvey its real agenda: the total mainstreaming of abortion as a method of population control in the West and in the Third World.

In October 2001 the U.S. Confere...

August 22, 2002

Catholics in the archdiocese, by their contribution to the 2002 Archdiocesan Development Appeal, have responded, with deep trust in the Church, to the voices of those in need.

In a way that is sometimes touted as "American," Catholics across the country have been urged at times in the last difficult months to show their outrage at the current crisis facing the Church by withholding donations to their dioceses. Organi...

August 22, 2002

Some Missouri Catholic high school athletic teams will compete under new - and unjust - rules starting this fall.

Many smaller Catholic schools will find themselves now playing public schools with much larger enrollments. This mismatch results from a far-from-unanimous recent decision by the Missouri High School Activities' Association to multiply the enrollments of Catholic and other non-public schools by 35 percent...

August 15, 2002

Parents of Catholic school students are opening their checkbooks again to resume tuition payments as the kids go back to school. Pastors, too, are hoping the frequently lower summer Sunday collections will pick up as they prepare to meet the 2002-2003 budget for their parish schools. Parishioners bear an appreciable share of the subsidy cost for Catholic schools for their parish elementary and our archdiocesan high schools....

August 15, 2002

It seems the more social researchers look at the institution of marriage, the more they are finding that it is all about commitment. Couples married 40, 50 or more years are likely to say, "we could have told you that."

But today we tend to listen more to those who do surveys, collect and analyze data, and announce their findings to the news media. Somehow, their study results seem more valid than any wisdom Grandma...

August 8, 2002

The logo prominently displayed on the Internet Web site of the City of Normandy in North St. Louis County is a fleur-de-lis, a symbol commonly used to designate a French, Catholic identity and heritage. The Normandy Area Historical Association's Web site explains that "Anne Lucas-Hunt donated many acres of her property to the Roman Catholic organizations, resulting in a number of Church-related institutions being built here...

August 8, 2002

There can be little doubt that on July 23 President George W. Bush dealt a blow to the anti-human population control policies of the United Nations Population Fund.

The Bush administration announced it would not pay its $34 million payment for 2002 to the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA) because of the fund's involvement in aiding the Chinese government in its forced-abortion, one-child policy. In refusing this payment t...

August 1, 2002

This coming Tuesday is Primary Election Day in Missouri.

It will likely be a hot August day, a day on which many will feel no urge to go outside their air-conditioned homes and offices. Polling places - schools, community centers, churches - may be stuffy and uncomfortable. Many of us will be on vacation or relaxing at home. Many will just not want to go out to vote.

Please vote. Vote because...

August 1, 2002

When disaster strikes and where people are at risk, we are used to seeing Red Cross and Salvation Army workers on the scene. These high-profile organizations have demonstrated their dedication and compassion time and time again and deserve the respect they receive.

Closer to home, there are many Catholic agencies and volunteers serving God and neighbor in every condition of life who may be less well known...

July 26, 2002

Since 1973 committed Catholics and many of our Christian brethren have fought against the most significant precedent in the contemporary culture war: the ensconcing of abortion in American law.

The combat waged has been fought on many fronts, but the primary battles have been waged with words. Anti-life and anti-family feminists worldwide have twisted and abused language, the meaning of words, to preserve and defend t...

July 25, 2002

Grace is difficult to explain.

Little understood by Catholics and less understood by mainstream society, the reality that God's favor is given to us freely to aid us in living holy lives seems altogether impossible. A myriad of questions arise when individuals consider how it works, why God does what he does and should mankind trust the reality of grace?

Secular society has chosen to respond to these quest...

July 19, 2002

Mention the Internet and most of us immediately think of e-mail, shopping on eBay, research for everything from school papers to family trees, and - sad to say - pornography and other exploitative venues.

Few would see the Internet as an aid to prayer and spirituality. Yet it can be. In his 2002 World Communications Day message, Pope John Paul II said "the new world of cyberspace is a summons to the great adventure of...

July 18, 2002

In just days, hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world - including nearly 500 from the Archdiocese of St. Louis - will gather for World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, Canada.

The pilgrimage and celebration will culminate on July 28 with an outdoor Mass at Downsview Park, the largest urban park in that country. Approximately 750,000 people are expected to attend the final-day Eucharistic celebration...

July 11, 2002

In recent days several newspapers have reported the diminishment of "the once formidable power of the Roman Catholic Church" due to the clergy sex abuse scandals.

According to the Washington Post, "The scandal has muted the Church's voice on a range of issues, conservative and liberal, from opposing gay marriage and pushing for parental consent for teenagers seeking abortions, to raising the minimum wage....

July 11, 2002

The life of a militant atheist must be very difficult.

Militant atheists not only deny the existence of God but also are driven by an incomprehensible zeal to persuade others to subscribe to the tenets of their unbelief.

What an empty existence! To be committed to the creed that there is no God, no divine providence and no future beyond death is the ultimate description of life without hope.

Our natio...

June 27, 2002

Caring for the sick has become a multibillion dollar industry in the United States, far removed from the image we have of a parent bringing chicken soup to an ailing child.

Certainly all of us have benefited from the drugs and other forms of treatment, from the surgical procedures and the many types of therapies, from the skills of health care professionals, technicians and caregivers, and from the screening tests an...

June 26, 2002

In a special way, this Fourth of July is a day of celebration.

We fly the flag, wear our red, white and blue, and sing the national anthem with renewed patriotism. We remember the heroes in our midst - from the firefighters, police and rescue workers of last Sept. 11 to the men and women securing peace overseas.

We remember those who have died in the past year - we pray for them and their families. We salu...

June 26, 2002

Pope John Paul II gave Milwaukee a new archbishop this week.

Though not completely a surprise to those who speculate about these things, there is nonetheless a warranted exhilaration in the affirmation of Bishop Timothy Dolan - less than one year into his episcopal ministry in St. Louis - being sent to shepherd the metropolitan see of Milwaukee.

Archbishop-elect Dolan will be the 10th bishop of the historic Wi...