FishFriesSTL form


Fill out the form below. This information will be used to create a list and interactive map of fish fries in the archdiocese. The map and table will first be available in February. Please allow 48 hours for additions made after that date to appear.

If you have questions or need to make corrections to your listing, please call (314) 792-7507 or email

The fish fry map and list can be found at

Put in the city of your parish where the fish fry will be held. Examples include St. Louis, Kirkwood, Florissant, Imperial, Cottleville. You do not need to put Missouri

Put in the name of your parish or organization that is hosting the fish fry.

Put in the street address and city where the fish fry will be. Please include zip code for easier mapping.

Put in the time of the fish fry. Please input in this format: 4-7 p.m. or 3:30-8:30 p.m. If there are different times for different days, put them here. There is a character limit.

Please select all applicable dates for your fish fry. The listed dates are Ash Wednesday and all Fridays in Lent. If there is another date for your fish fry, please select "Other" and type in the date in the field below.

Please list the dates other than the dates listed above that your fish fry will be held.

Optional field. In this, please put in any information pertinent to the reader. Make sure to include contact information (email address, website, phone number) if it exists. Please limit your input to 150 characters.