AWE: Touching the Heart of Prayer

Event Date: 
August 09, 2017

One of the most prominent words in our vocabulary today is awesome. We use that word as a descriptor in so many situations that the word has almost become trite.

The truth is that AWE plays a vital part in our prayer life. How does it play in our prayer life and how do we cultivate a sense of awe in our prayer life? That will be the focus of our time together.

Of all the things we describe as awesome, awesome applies most appropriately to only one: God. Join us as we spend time with our awesome God.

Talks, private prayer time, common prayer time.

Led by Fr. Tom Santen of St. Joseph Church
$30.00 – lunch included


Fr. Santen has served as pastor of St. Joseph since June, 1999. He formerly served as pastor of St. Ambrose Parish, worked with priests in personnel work and continuing formation, served as a college campus minister and high school teacher. Fr. Santen enjoys giving retreats.

Fr. Santen has a B.A. in philosophy, and M.A. in Historical Theology, and completed his doctoral studies in Historical Theology. He has taught at St. Louis University, Aquinas Institute and Kenrick / Glennon Seminary. His “first love” in priesthood continues to be parish ministry.

Speakers and presentations
Event time: 
9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Event Place: 
Pallottine Renewal Center, 15270 Old Halls Ferry Rd, Florissant
Event Information:
Event Address: 
15270 Old Halls Ferry Road
Saint Louis, MO 63034