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January 18, 2007


This past Jan. 14, I celebrated Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis for the intention of the young men and women of the archdiocese.I prayed that they may know their vocation in life and respond to God...

January 11, 2007


On this past Jan. 1 and 2, I had the great privilege to visit the holy places of St. Gianna, wife and mother and physician, who, on Easter Saturday of 1962, at her home in Mesero, in Northern Italy, offered her life to save the life of her infant daughter in the womb. The newest parish of the St. Louis Archdiocese, St. Gianna Parish in the St. Charles Deanery, has been given St. Gianna as its patron.

In visiting the...

January 4, 2007


On the coming weekend of Jan. 13-14, you will be asked to renew your annual subscription to the St. Louis Review, our archdiocesan newspaper, by remitting the subscription fee in one of the special-collection envelopes.Because of the importance of the St. Louis Review to the life of the Church in the archdiocese, I urge you to renew your subscription.

In appealing to you for the renewal of your subscription to the St...

December 21, 2006


On Dec. 15, I visited with the members of the St. Benilde Society at Christian Brothers College High School (CBC).The St. Benilde Society is a student organization devoted to the promotion of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life through prayer and personal vocational discernment.Father Matthew O...

December 15, 2006

Final preparation of Christmas
Dec. 17 to 23 are days of strong grace for our preparation of Christmas.While the entire Season of Advent is rich in grace for the joyful preparation of the celebration of Christ...

December 7, 2006

Immaculate Conception

Two important liturgical celebrations in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary fittingly occur during the Season of Advent.They are the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on Dec. 8, a holy day of obligation, and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12. The two celebrations are closely related to each other, for Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared for the first time to St. Juan Diego on Dec. 9, 1531, which at that t...

November 30, 2006

Advent: Time of consolation and encouragement

We begin a new Liturgical Year with the celebration of the First Sunday of Advent.Fittingly, we begin the Church Year with four Sundays of preparation for Christmas, the celebration of the great mystery of the Incarnation.The two principal celebrations of the mystery of the Incarnation are the Solemnity of the Annunciation (March 25), in which we recall the conception of God the Son in the w...

November 22, 2006

Christ the King

On this coming Sunday, we conclude the Liturgical Year with the celebration of the Solemnity of Christ the King.Pope Pius XI established the solemnity in 1925, but the reality to which it points has always been celebrated by devout Christians.

Christians have always honored our Lord with the title "King" to express the great and lasting victory over sin and everlasting death, which He won for all men by His Passio...

November 17, 2006

Thanksgiving for life and faith

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, our thoughts turn to the many blessings we have received from God.Even if, for some reason, we cannot be with family members, our thoughts turn especially to our family, both the living and the dead.In the context of recalling the many gifts which God has given to us in our family, two gifts stand out as most to be treasured: the gifts of life and faith.

Our very lif...

November 9, 2006


Our life in the Church unites heaven and earth.We see the union of heaven and earth before our eyes, in the most striking way, when we participate in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.In the Eucharistic Sacrifice, our Lord Jesus Christ, seated at the right hand of the Father in eternal glory, descends to earth, renewing the outpouring of His life for us on the Cross.From His glorious pierced Heart, He offers us His Body...

November 2, 2006


Within a few days, the citizens of the State of Missouri, by their vote on Amendment 2, will make a decision which profoundly affects both the integrity of the procreation of human life in the family of husband and wife, and the inviolable dignity of every human life from the moment of its inception. The decision regarding the establishment of a constitutional right to clone human life and, then, to destroy the cloned human...

October 26, 2006


The heart of the discussion regarding Amendment 2 and the common good centers around the question: When does human life begin?Proponents of Amendment 2 argue that it does not involve human cloning and, therefore, human life for one of two reasons.First of all, some say that the being created through somatic cell nuclear transfer or cloning is not human because male sperm is not involved in the process of its generation.Seco...

October 19, 2006


All of us are deeply conscious of the responsibility which is ours to promote the common good, the good of all in society, first and foremost, by safeguarding human life, at all stages of development.The proposed Amendment 2 to the Constitution of the State of Missouri places the responsibility for the safeguarding of human life, at the embryonic stage of development, directly in our hands as citizens of Missouri.We recogni...

October 12, 2006


Opponents of the proposed Amendment 2, which guarantees constitutionally the right to clone human life in order to destroy it at the embryonic stage of development for the harvest of embryonic stem cells, are frequently accused of a lack of compassion.Faithful Catholics, in particular, are accused of adhering rigidly to a religious belief about the beginning of human life, while coldly permitting children and adults with dr...

October 5, 2006


In the discussion of the proposed amendment to the Constitution of the State of Missouri, known as Amendment 2, on the ballot for this coming Nov. 7, a most important consideration is the exploitation of women, which it involves.As a shepherd of God...

September 28, 2006


Faced with the grave moral crisis of Amendment 2, we are called to speak for and fight for our tiniest brothers and sisters who cannot speak for themselves or fight to defend themselves.Ultimately, we are called to vote for the safeguarding of embryonic human life by voting "no" on the ballot for Amendment 2 on this coming Nov. 7.
Fundamental to whatever we do is the prayer which we offer to God, asking for His help a...

September 21, 2006


As citizens of Missouri, we find ourselves in the midst of an unimaginably severe moral crisis. On this coming Nov. 7, the citizens of our state will decide whether the constitution of our state should guarantee the right to generate human life artificially in order to destroy it at its very beginning, at the embryonic stage of its development.In short, we, the citizens of Missouri, are being asked to advance the culture of...

September 14, 2006


On this coming Sunday, Sept. 17, we will celebrate Christian stewardship and rededicate ourselves as good stewards of God...