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Parishes to participate in National Night of Prayer for Life

The National Night of Prayer for Life is a time for eucharistic adoration and prayer for the unborn, praying for the end to abortion and for protection of the sanctity of human life. The evening prayer bridges the feast of the Immaculate Conception on Thursday, Dec. 8, and the anniversary of Our Lady of Guadalupe's first apparition to St. Juan Diego on Friday, Dec. 9. Prayers are offered through the intercession of the Blessed Mother for the establishment of a culture of life.

This year, 26 archdiocesan parishes will participate in the 27th annual event.

Real-life angels help moms choose life


Sue Cooke carefully inspected a stack of girls' clothing as she folded each piece and placed it in a bag.

"These are cute," she said, holding up a pair of khaki pants. "I hope they fit her."

Cooke was preparing to visit an old friend, Karina Eberhardt, and her 10-year-old daughter, McKenzie. Cooke has known the two since before McKenzie was born, when Karina was living in a maternity home. When the time came for her to move out, Cooke helped her find a car and a place to live and babysat McKenzie. Cooke essentially became a second mom to her.

We respect life when we belong

Respect for life and the word "belong" have a lot in common.

Pope Francis cites our "throwaway culture that treats human life as disposable." The elderly are marginalized and the lives of people with disabilities are deemed less worth living. Babies in the womb who are unwanted are aborted.

Convention recharges Catholics’ efforts to respect life

Sister Grace Dominic of the Sisters of Life was the keynote speaker Sunday at the 40th Annual Respect Life Convention at the St. Charles Convention Center. She focused on how mercy is the foundation for the culture of life.

Dolores Klaesner of St. Joseph Parish in Cottleville is recharged after attending the Annual Respect Life Convention.

"I go home more enthused and wanting to do more for the pro-life movement," Klaesner said of the many conventions she's attended, including this year's version on Oct. 16 attended by about 700 people, the 40th year for the event. "You tend to get discouraged, but we get some legislation passed every year that gives you new hope — and we can't stop, that's for sure."

Sidewalk efforts to bring an end to abortion still strong


As Planned Parenthood marks its 100th anniversary, local pro-life organizations are continuing their work to bring an end to the abortion giant and to make abortion unthinkable.

Oct. 15 was an atypical Saturday at Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Missouri's last remaining abortion clinic. Volunteers with 40 Days for Life campaign, organized by Coalition for Life St. Louis, started arriving just before sunrise to pray as sidewalk counselors handed out pregnancy resources to clinic visitors, some of whom were there for abortions.

Roe vs. Wade decision was result of a ‘perfect storm’

Pro-life speaker Clarke Forsythe of AUL (Americans United for Life) spoke at St. Louis University Law School about the Roe v. Wade decision and the historical findings he has uncovered about the Supreme Court Justices in their decision making process.  Forsythe has written a book entitled, "Abuse of Discretion" that chronicles the story.

Those who oppose Roe vs. Wade commonly argue that the right to abortion is found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution.

But the personal papers of the Supreme Court justices who decided Roe and its companion case, Doe vs. Bolton, show a lesser-known angle that is quite disturbing, according to Clarke Forsythe of pro-life public interest law firm Americans United for Life.

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