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Pope answers questions about Curia reforms, gay lobby

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM BRAZIL (CNS) -- Pope Francis said he was responding to the clear wishes of the College of Cardinals when he set up commissions to study the Vatican bank, Vatican financial and administrative procedures and the reform of the Roman Curia.

The pope also said he knows people have spoken about some kind of "gay lobby" at the Vatican protecting certain priests by threatening to blackmail others. The pope said the "lobbying" is what is worrisome.

Crowds in Rio swarm pope, who wanted to be 'close to the people'

Pilgrims greeted Pope Francis as he arrived in Rio de Janeiro July 22 for World Youth Day, the international Catholic youth gathering.

RIO DE JANEIRO — Hundreds of thousands of cheering people welcomed Pope Francis to Brazil July 22 as he madethe first international trip of his pontificate to his native region of Latin America.

The papal plane touched down at Rio's international airport at 3:43 p.m. local time, and the pope emerged 18 minutes later to cheers from a relatively small group, which included a children's choir.

Blog post | Excitement and exhaustion in Rio

It's the end of our first dull day in Rio and the general feeling amongst our group is about the same – a combination of excitement and exhaustion. After our 11 hour overnight flight we hit the ground running- checked into our hotel and went to see the sights and sounds of Copacabana- and there are many (mostly in Portuguese...)

We hit the beach and a few members of our group were even brave enough to jump into the wintertime ocean water (a little brisk but still tolerable) until the clouds and evening mist (month quite a full fledged rain) set in. 

Starting first international visit, pope arrives in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO (CNS) -- Pope Francis arrived in Brazil July 22, making the first international trip of his pontificate to his native region of Latin America.

The papal flight touched down at Rio's Galateo-Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport at 3:43 p.m. local time.

Following an arrival ceremony at the airport with Brazil President Dilma Rousseff, Pope Francis was scheduled to ride to the city's downtown, where he would board an open-topped popemobile and make a circuit of streets around Rio's cathedral and historic Municipal Theater.

En route to Rio, talks about importance of giving young people jobs

Pope Francis carried a bag as he boarded a plane at Fiumicino airport in Rome July 22. He was making his first trip abroad as pope to join more than 300,000 young people in Brazil for World Youth Day.

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT TO BRAZIL (CNS) -- With economic hard times as an excuse not to hire young people, the world risks tossing them aside and endangers its own future, Pope Francis said.

Speaking to reporters aboard the papal flight to Rio de Janeiro July 22, the pope declined to answer their questions, but instead made very brief remarks about his July 22-29 trip and then greeted each of the 71 media members.

In first encyclical, pope celebrates faith as the light of human life

Pope Francis released his first first encyclical "Lumen Fidei" ("The Light of Faith"), on July 5.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis' first encyclical, "Lumen Fidei" ("The Light of Faith"), is a celebration of Christian faith as the guiding light of a "successful and fruitful life," inspiring social action as well as devotion to God, and illuminating "every aspect of human existence," including philosophy and the natural sciences.

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