Catholic advocates look at next step in immigration battle

A mother and daughter in Los Angeles react after the U.S. Supreme Court issued a split ruling June 23 blocking President Barack Obama's executive actions to temporarily stop deportations.

WASHINGTON — Catholic advocates say the recent Supreme Court ruling on immigration, while it caused great disappointment, also has spurred many of them to work harder to reform the country's immigration system and push for better understanding of immigrants.

Students at Catholic Teach-In determined to act on immigration issue

More than 100 students from Catholic high schools heard undocumented teenaged immigrants share their personal experiences at a “Catholic Teach-in,” an immigration event sponsored by the archdiocesan Peace and Justice Commission. Jack Sullivan and James Whalen from St. John Vianney High School listened as a teenager talked about the dangerous river crossing en route to the United States.

Brought to the United States by their parents at a very young age, they've learned English, achieved a high school education and become a part of their communities. They see themselves as Americans.

Papal press conference on the plane: Building walls to keep immigrants out is not Christian

ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM MEXICO -- As the plane carrying him back to Rome from Mexico was flying over Texas, Pope Francis insisted building walls to keep immigrants out of one's country is un-Christian.

One year later: Central American minors in U.S. still face challenges

WASHINGTON -- Just because unaccompanied Central American minors are no longer crossing the U.S. border in the vast numbers they were last year doesn't mean their problems are over.

Significant challenges exist for these young people stuck in limbo while awaiting hearings to determine their legal status in the U.S.

Speakers at a Washington immigration conference stressed that the situation has hardly improved and instead has only grown worse.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Pastoral statment on immigration and mercy


Read the full statement here.

Leer la declaración en espanol aqui.

Judge orders release of immigrant families within 60 days

WASHINGTON - A federal judge Aug. 21 gave the Obama administration 60 days -- until Oct. 23 -- to release the hundreds of immigrant mothers and children being held in locked detention centers.

Central California District Court Judge Dolly Gee reiterated her order of a month earlier, in which she said a long-standing court settlement over treatment of juveniles in immigration custody is violated by the government's policy of detaining mothers and children while they pursue asylum or other ways of remaining in the country.

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