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‘One Voice, One Lord’ fills church with song, unity

Sts. Teresa and Bridget choir member, Joyce Mason-Williams led the performance of a hymn entitled "He Blessed my Soul."  A concert for peace and unity entitled "One Voice, One Lord" was performed at Sts. Teresa and Bridget Parish on North Grand.  The concert featured the choir from the Parish and choirs from St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Augustine, St. Raymond and The Voiced of Praise choir.

The music that filled Sts. Teresa and Bridget Church on July 24 moved people to stand, raise their arms, clap and sway.

It was a display of unity as people came together to hear joyous praise to God sung by choirs from the host parish in north St. Louis, St. Margaret of Scotland in south St. Louis, St. Augustine in north St. Louis, St. Raymond (Maronite) Parish in Downtown St. Louis and the Seventh Day Adventists' The Voices of Praise. Eugene Thomas, Sts. Teresa and Bridget music director, had a solo performance of his song, "Lord Be a Fence."

Going 360 - a 'bubble pilgrimage' during the Year of Mercy

Lisa Johnston | | Twitter: @aeternusphoto

A sister knelt in adoration at Mount Grace convent, home of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters.
In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we are invited to make a pilgrimage as a sign of fostering our faith and deepening our understanding of Christ's mercy.

But what if that pilgrimage were inside a bubble? Review photographer Lisa Johnston and reporter Jennifer Brinker visited the nine pilgrimage sites designated in the Archdiocese of St. Louis and created virtual 360-degree spherical images — called bubbles — to show you the insides of these pilgrimage sites.

“Pizza for PSR” | St. Justin Martyr and St. Simon students connect with St. Andrew PSR peers


The cafeteria scene looked like any gathering at Any School USA, just peer boys and girls sitting around a table and either watching video games on smart phones or nibbling on the day's delicacies — meatball sandwiches and chips washed down with soda pops, juices or sports drinks.

In other words, nothing special.

But this was a novel scene, with students from three schools mingling and beingOne, so to speak, enjoying each other's company and fare from an area food truck.

Assumption’s beONE Concert Series designed to foster unity

Audrey Assad will be the featured artist at the next concert in the beONE Concert Series April 29 at Assumption Church in O’Fallon. For tickets, visit or call the parish office at (636) 240-3721.

Why do Catholics leave the Church for other Christian denominations?

That topic has been a point of discussion among staff at Assumption Parish for a little over a year. While the O'Fallon parish is one of the largest in the archdiocese, they still recognized it as a widespread issue.

"They're experiencing the Spirit in a way that they didn't think was happening in the Catholic Church," said pastor Father Mitch Doyen. Those who find their way into other Christian denominations enjoy hearing lay witnesses or compelling preaching, or experiencing spontaneous prayer, he said.

Students at Incarnate Word, Our Lady of Guadalupe schools model the principles of beONE

isa Johnston | | twitter: @aeternusphoto

Incarnate Word student Danny Carroll, right, got excited upon discovering he had played football against Donovan Whitfield from Our Lady of Guadalupe School. Students from Incarnate Word visited Our Lady of Guadalupe for Mass and fiesta celebrating the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe to foster interschool connections.

The vision of the archdiocese's beONE initiative was clear in the cafeteria at Our Lady of Guadalupe School in Ferguson.

As Guadalupe eighth-grader Jakoby Hopkins set the rhythm on a snare drum, seventh-graders from Incarnate Word School in Chesterfield joined traditional Matachina Dancers and other Guadalupe students dancing in a circle around the cafeteria.

Editorial | Get bold with beONE

The bold vision for Catholic St. Louis, beONE, at first sounds complicated with its four key priorities, with each priority having specific goals. But it's not a new program. It's a culmination of several initiatives in the Archdiocese of St. Louis in the six years of Archbishop Robert J. Carlson's local episcopacy.

The vision is a framework for how to live as one holy, Catholic, apostolic Church. It's a call to encounter Jesus more fully in our diversity and courageously respond to His call to beONE in mission.

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