Young voters prepare for election by viewing issues through lens of faith

Mi’Kayla Taylor from St. Joseph’s Academy listened during roundtable discussion on the dignity of human life.

Registering to vote was a routine matter for Audrey Strifler, but when she approaches the voting booth next month for the first time, it will be anything but that.

The senior at St. Joseph's Academy registered about a month ago, when she renewed her driver's license on her 18th birthday.

"I'm looking forward to being able to voice my opinion," she said. "I feel like it's a right denied to a lot of people (in other countries). People don't think that their individual voices matter and they can't make an impact, but when everybody comes together they can."

Doctor: ‘Maybe God is telling me abortion is wrong’

Dr. Vansen Wong, a former abortionist, spoke at St. Louis University.  The talk was  hosted by Students for Life and SLU med Students for Life.

Dr. Vansen Wong delicately held the clear instrument before the crowd who came to hear him speak at St. Louis University

"It looks like a fairly innocuous device," he said as he displayed a cannula, an instrument used to suction a baby from a mother's womb. "It's the size of a large straw and it's bendable, but it's also been responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn babies."

Totus Tuus youth catechesis program to introduce the riches of the faith

Evie Sue Ward had a typical faith experience as a youth. By middle school she had questions about the Church and God. She found answers at Totus Tuus, a summer catechesis program.

Led by college students and seminarians, Totus Tuus has the elements of a vacation Bible school and parish mission, with a focus on sharing the Gospel and promoting the faith through evangelization, catechesis, Christian witness and eucharistic worship.

Editorial | Leave your mark

Many of us probably view a suggestion from the pope as just that — a suggestion. But Pope Francis' strong urging at World Youth Day to leave a mark on the world by practicing the spiritual and corporal works of mercy is based on the Gospel, and it's what we are called to do.

At World Youth Day, youth encouraged to take 'path of craziness' toward God's mercy

Kenrick-Glennon seminarians enjoy a mister during a visit to the main square in Krakow. Pictured, from left, are Cole Bestgen, Jacob Brock, Ryan Quarnstrom, Andrew Auer and Joe Detwiler.

The sight of 1.6 million people, on their knees in silent prayer, overwhelmed Nick Lee.

Pope Francis led the evening candlelight prayer vigil and eucharistic adoration July 30 at Campus Misericordiae in Krakow, Poland .

"As Pope Francis was at adoration, there was a pink sunset behind his head," said Lee, director of the archdiocesan Young Adult Ministry. "The monstrance was (the shape) of the Blessed Mother, and the Eucharist was where the womb would be. Seeing 1.6 million silent people holding candles was just amazing. It gave you chills."

An ‘unforgettable experience’ | Steubenville STL Mid-America has rock-concert feel mixed with silence

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Steubenville STL Mid-America conference had the look and feel of a rock concert on this day; in fact, JQH Arena on the Missouri State University campus was set up as such — with a stage, three big video screens and a roof-to-floor curtain in front of seats in the west section.

At that evening session July 16, teens counted down — five, four, three, two, one — for the gates to open, then rushed through the concourse so quickly that their wake blew phamplets off a vocations table.

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