BEFORE THE CROSS | Time and place matter in our relationship with God

Do time and place really matter in our relationship with God?

On the one hand, God is everywhere by His essence, presence and power. That's the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas. It means that we find God in every time and place.

On the other hand, St. Thomas knew — and we can know, with a little reflection — that there are ways in which time and place still matter.

BEFORE THE CROSS | We are called to be stewards of time

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson celebrated a Mass of the Holy Spirit Aug. 28 for St. Louis University High School at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. Serving during Mass was SLUH freshman Salvatore Vitellaro. Assisting the archbishop was Deacon Tom Vordtriede, an alumnus of SLUH.

Time is a gift from God to be cherished, nurtured and shared. God gives us this precious gift, and He asks that we return it to Him with increase.

But what is time? And how can we "return it with increase" to the Lord?

Time is a mystery. We can't see it or touch it. We were not present at the beginning of time and, most likely, time will continue long after you and I are finished here on earth.

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