Pope revises norms for theology, philosophy studies

VATICAN CITY — Catholic university programs in philosophy, theology and canon law — especially those designed for future priests — must be marked by fidelity to Church tradition, academic rigor and an awareness of the challenges to belief in the modern world, Pope Francis said.

In the apostolic constitution "Veritatis Gaudium" ("The Joy of Truth"), the pope issued revised norms for "ecclesiastical universities and faculties" that grant Vatican-recognized degrees, which are necessary for teaching most philosophy, theology and canon law courses in seminaries and pontifical universities.

Archbishop brings missionary discipleship message to Ferguson


In an informal setting on the second floor of the Ferguson Brewhouse, Archbishop Robert J. Carlson found an audience of Catholics receptive to the message of becoming missionary disciples.

The commission of missionary discipleship was the primary focus of the "Convocation of Catholic Leaders: The Joy of the Gospel in America," a gathering in Orlando, Fla., earlier this month attended by Archbishop Carlson and 19 delegates of the archdiocese.

DEAR FATHER | Church’s concern about yoga goes beyond exercise

Father John Mayo

My priest recently gave a homily saying that yoga is spiritually dangerous. But I just do it to exercise! How is that bad? 

Yoga is a popular way for individuals to exercise, maintain balance and flexibility, and to feel more peace in their life. Yet the spirituality of this practice gives the Church pause.

Yoga is a discipline that originates from Hinduism. The original purpose is to seek enlightenment through uniting the body, mind and spirit.

The law of apology

I was trying to get onto the highway, but I was in the wrong lane. So I started to inch over into the next lane.

That's when I saw him -- the guy I almost cut off. Realizing my mistake, I straightened back out into my own lane. But the guy I almost cut off wasn't done with me yet. He inched his car forward until it was even with mine, gave me the stink eye and started jawing at me.

I rolled down my passenger window, and he did the same. As we squared off against each other, I uttered the words that ended the exchange:

"Everyone makes mistakes. I made a mistake."

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