TWENTY SOMETHING | Finding ways to give thanks despite feeling empty

Even before she was married, Emily Stimpson Chapman asked for baby prayers.

"I'd be in an antique store buying little trinkets for the wedding decorations, and I would be asking strangers: 'Pray that we have a baby!'" she said.

The Pittsburgh-based Catholic writer had long yearned to enter into motherhood, so when the love of her life got down on bended knee, she began dispensing prayer requests. She was 40, and math was not on her side.

The Good Steward | Joy is the spontaneous result of thankfulness

November begins with a celebration of saints and sinners (All Saints and All Souls) and concludes with the uniquely American feast of Thanksgiving, a "harvest festival" that recalls God's abundant goodness to us. November is a time to be especially grateful for the people (living and dead) who have gone before us and for the goodness and beauty of the earth that feeds, clothes and shelters us as we journey to our heavenly home.

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