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Catholic school students jump at chance to talk to astronaut in space

Sophie Gloriod, a seventh-grader at Little Flower School in Richmond Heights, certainly could be called a space cadet.

Listening to every word that was spoken via ham radio from some 240 miles above the earth, Sophie was no daydreamer but instead fit the other definition of the phrase — an enthusiast for space travel, typically a young person.

Oshie reference scores points on talk about media

Sister Helena Burns, FSP, lit the red lamp moments into her keynote address at the archdiocesan Catholic Communications and New Evangelization Conference on June 3.

First, she mentioned the St. Louis Blues and congratulated the 'Note on a fine season, much to the delight of her audience at the Cardinal Rigali Center in Shrewsbury.

CatholicTV Network seeks to crack St. Louis market

Father Robert Reed is president and chief operating officer of CatholicTV Network. He is the host of the game show “WOW: The CatholicTV Challenge” and the reality series “House+Home.”

CatholicTV Network needs the help of St. Louisans to persuade local cable and satellite providers to carry the channel.

Social media, smartphones give young people a new look at Lent

WASHINGTON -- This is not your parents' Lent.

That's pretty clear when smartphone alarms -- sounding like police whistles -- ring at mealtimes on Fridays along with text messages from the "meat police" offering reminders such as: "Hey, it's Friday, drop the cheeseburger!"

The Friday no-meat reminder comes through the Lentsanity app produced by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. By the third day of Lent, the app -- which also offers plenty of Lenten resources -- already had more than 10,000 downloads.

DEAR FATHER | Virtual confession erodes inherent elements of sacrament

Father John Mayo

The future long promised by science fiction writers and enthusiasts to technology buffs is becoming a more tangible reality. Faxes, emails, and texts keep us communicating with the written word while Facetime, Skype and Tango let us see and hear the other person. Yet with all of this communication technology, people wanting to be forgiven of their sins still need to confess their sins in person to receive absolution.

Schools embrace technology with electronic tablets

Lisa Barry, technology coordinator at St. Alban Roe Parish, helped fourth-grade teacher Tracy Sanders with her wireless internet connection. The school has invested in iPads for all the master teaching staff, and all the students of the school will have the opportunity to use the devices during their classes.

Schools in the Archdiocese of St. Louis are embracing technology, including the use of electronic tablets in classrooms.

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