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Weekly professional development inspires at Duchesne

In the education world, professional development day typically occurs about once a month, with teachers gathering to learn about best practices in their profession.

Staying current certainly is worthwhile for the teachers of our children. But society moves at such a brisk pace these days, that once a month doesn't cut it any more. It's hard to keep up, let alone keep pace.

Teachers use summer ‘vacation’ to hone their craft

Suzi Wilson, the art teacher at St. Simon the Apostle School, spent a week in professional development in the exclusive teacher's institute at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. She prepared a lesson on self-portraits for one of her classes.

In 14 years as a teacher, St. Simon the Apostle art teacher Suzi Wilson has spent summer "vacation" with quote marks around that very word.

Yes, Wilson, husband Tom and daughters Betsy and Katy have enjoyed family trips in her summer hiatus from the classroom, but it's a misnomer to describe all of her time off in summer as a "vacation."

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