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Catholic officials applaud Illinois’ new scholarship tax credit program

PEORIA, Ill. — Catholic officials in Illinois are applauding state education funding reforms that include a scholarship tax credit program designed to provide up to $75 million a year in scholarships for qualifying students attending nonpublic schools.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed the highly debated reforms Aug. 31 at Ebinger Elementary School in Chicago.

"Today we are making Illinois history," said Rauner, claiming the legislation ensures that "every child in Illinois has an equal chance at an excellent education."

Strong support shown for charitable tax credit

JEFFERSON CITY, MO — Legislators heard strong support Jan. 23 for restoring some of the benevolent tax credits that expired last year, and the next day a senate committee moved a bill along for further consideration.

Bills have been filed in the Missouri House of Representatives and the Missouri Senate. On Jan. 24, the Missouri Senate Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government Committee unanimously voted out of committee "do pass" a substitute bill for Senate Bills 20, 15 and 19. All 10 of the committee members voted in favor of the bill.

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