stem scouts

STEM Scouts’ lab lessons redefine what’s fun

Lucas Kenniston and Maggie Niemeyer secured wires into the “MaKey MaKey” control board which, when connected to pieces of conductive clay and a computer, made a piano keyboard. STEM Scouts is a new program sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Area Boy Scout Council for elementary and middle-school groups.

Nico Balassi, a fourth-grader at Assumption School in south St. Louis County and a Cub Scout, talked about a STEM program and gave an example of what's "cool" and "fun."

It involves a MaKey MaKey, an electronic invention kit that turns everyday objects into computer touchpads and interfaces them with the Internet as computer programs.

"You use wires and hook it up. If you touch something it will go off," Nico explained.

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