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Sparks fly as SLU students teach science lessons

Terron Floyd transferred static electricity while doing experiments with the St. Louis University Chemistry Club. Terron is an eighth-grader at St. Louis’ Carr Lane Visual and Performing Arts School.

The hour-long science class was over when a woman cracked open the door and told the students to gather their things and meet downstairs.

Parish 'safe space': a place to decipher protests

St. Louis University students Laura Downing and Nebu Kolenchy talked in the parish center at St. Francis Xavier (College Church) Parish on the SLU campus, where the volunteers were staffing a “safe space” where students and others stopped in to discuss the issues surrounding protests and turmoil in St. Louis following a grand jury’s decision not to indict a police officer in the shooting of an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson.

A student came to the "safe space" at St. Francis Xavier (College) Church on the St. Louis University campus and asked to volunteer. People had gathered here during the turmoil following the announcement that a grand jury did not indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. The sanctuary already had enough help, but the student decided to stay and talk.

Clemency coalition seeks mercy for 14 women

Citing Catholic values of mercy and justice, several members of a newly formed Community Coalition for Clemency on Oct. 28 called on Gov. Jay Nixon to commute the sentences of 14 women incarcerated in Missouri prisons. Most of the women, they say, were victims of years of domestic abuse.

Using education to overturn effects of racism

The name instantly sets the organization apart.

African American Male Scholars.

"Scholars" is the operative word, representing members of this St. Louis University group. The words "African, American and male" merely serve as adjectives.

First and foremost, they're scholars, pursing bachelor's degrees at SLU. Perhaps they're the first in their families to attend college; or perhaps they're following in the footsteps of college-educated family members. Either way, they've probably dealt with what Archbishop Robert J. Carlson has called "systemic racism" in our society.

SLU panel addresses 'subtle' forms of racism

"Don't go north of the Fox."

This is the message -- the warning -- that new students receive upon entering St. Louis University in midtown St. Louis.

It isn't delivered by anyone in any official capacity. Rather, it's conversations among students and perhaps faculty and staff about what's what around the university.

The message "is code for 'be afraid of those people,'" said Norm White, associate professor and director of the criminology and criminal justice department at SLU, "...with a racial and racist connotation."

New SLU president touts Jesuit, liberal-arts education

Fred Pestello, president of St. Louis University, is the first permanent lay president in the university’s history.

St. Louis University's new president, Fred Pestello, began his new role July 1.

Pestello, who will live in the Central West End of St. Louis, said he is a strong advocate of an education grounded in the liberal arts, making students better prepared as critical thinkers. It gives them the ability to learn and adapt as the economy and jobs within it change at an ever-increasing pace, he noted.

This type of education is expensive, but it pays off not only financially but also in quality of life, he said.

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