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Baskets of smiles

William Gnade, a second-grader at Immaculate Conception School in Old Monroe, looked for items to place into an Alleluia Basket. This year, 3,000 baskets will be given to children in need, with more than 600 volunteers helping pack the baskets.

Olivia Boettcher carefully picked out items for an Easter basket: two small stuffed animals, a Hello Kitty coloring book, crayons, a Julius Jr. First Step to Reading book, bubbles, a puzzle with a scene from the movie "Frozen," Play-Doh and lip gloss.

"It's really fun to do this, and I think it's nice to give stuff to other people who need it," said Olivia, a second-grader at the school.

Veterans court offers a chance at redemption

Mark Haynes stood before Judge Phil Ohlms during one of his weekly visits to the court. The judge gets to know the men very well as he keeps tabs of their progress. St. Charles County has established a veterans court, an example of the progress being made in the various treatment courts such as drug courts. Ohlms presides over the court that has a rigorous mentoring program made up of U.S. armed services’ veterans.

Judge Phil Ohlms checked the paperwork closely and told the defendant his behavior has been extremely good and that soon he'll be ready to graduate.

"You've done well. Super," Ohlms said, looking the man in the eye.

When the next man appeared before him, Ohlms again had praise for his compliance, but the judge had a few questions and requests -- asking him to get a sponsor from the 12-step addiction rehab community and to follow up with his legal counsel on taking care of a bad debt.

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