Relative of Father Tolton’s owners shares story of family connection at drama on life of black priest

Actor Andrae Goodnight, far left, in the role of Father Augustus Tolton, embraced Frankie Maddox, a member of All Saints Parish in St. Peters, after a production of “Tolton: From Slave to Priest” at the parish Nov. 26. Father Don Wester, pastor of All Saints, explained to the audience after the play that a geneology search revealed that the family of Maddox’s late husband, Bob, owned numerous slaves, including the Tolton family. Frankie Maddox now prays for Father Tolton’s intercession daily for his canonization.

At the end of a drama on the life of Father Augustus Tolton, 91-year-old Frankie Maddox stood before the audience and revealed that her husband's family owned slaves — including Augustus Tolton.

It was a huge revelation to the audience, who had just finished viewing St. Luke Production's drama, "Tolton: From Slave to Priest" Nov. 26 at All Saints in St. Peters. The story recalls the priest's life, from being born into slavery in the small town of Brush Creek, Mo., to crossing the river to Quincy, Ill., where he eventually answered a calling to the priesthood.

Georgetown University, Jesuits apologize for roles in sale of slaves

Jessica Tilson, descendant of the Hawkins, Hill, Scott, Butler and Diggs family lines, delivers remarks at the dedication ceremony of the Isaac Hawkins and Anne Marie Becraft halls April 18 at Georgetown University in Washington.

WASHINGTON — Georgetown University and the Society of Jesus' Maryland province apologized April 18 for their roles in the 1838 sale of 272 enslaved individuals for the university's benefit.

More than 100 descendants attended a morning "Liturgy of Remembrance, Contrition and Hope" that the university created in partnership with descendants, the Archdiocese of Washington and the Society of Jesus in the United States.

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