sarah caldera wimmer

SLU/Glennon support of postpartum moms via text is growing

Sarah Caldera Wimmer and her three sons, Camilo, 2 months-old, Elian, 3 and Mateo 4, she needed some friendly support while her husband Yader Caldera was at work. Sarah and her husband Yader played with the baby while the other two boys played with their train set.

Sarah Caldera Wimmer remembers how overwhelming it felt to have two children 18 months apart. Danis Pediatric Center turned out to be a support not just for her sons' care, but also her well-being.

Caldera Wimmer was among the first participants in a St. Louis University research program to support mothers through post-partum depression via text messages. The Happy Mothers, Healthy Families program was launched in 2013 to evaluate the feasibility of sending supportive text messages to mothers of varying backgrounds at risk for postpartum depression.

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