Law firm brings comfort to human trafficking victims


Comfort was raised in Liberia in a foster family after being taken away from her birth mother and treated as a domestic servant rather than as a family member. Although Christian, she was raised as a Muslim, she said, and "told what to be, how to dress, how to act."

New head ball rule in CYC soccer a safety-first approach

Fourth-grader Jayden McGrath, right, of St. Paul Parish in Fenton battled Owen Scott of St. Peter Parish in Kirkwood for the ball in a CYC soccer game Nov. 5 in Kirkwood Park. The CYC sports program instituted new rules prohibiting headers for youth players in its league in an effort to reduce concussions and potential brain damage in soccer players.

The Catholic Youth Apostolate's CYC Sports soccer program reports a smooth transition during the first year of its new rule prohibiting head balls by players in fourth grade and below.

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