Lowe’s aids St. Agnes sacristan by restoring altar

Ken Grant, a resident and a sacristan St. Agnes Apartments, a Cardinal Ritter Senior Services facility in south St. Louis, was looking to replace a worn-out altar. He got an older altar from the archdiocesan Reclamation Office that was restored, thanks to a community service effort at Lowe’s home improvement store.

God must have wanted a newly refurbished altar.

Or so it seems to residents of St. Agnes Apartments, a Cardinal Ritter Senior Services residence in south St. Louis. They enjoyed a series of fortunate events that led to a sorely needed replacement altar.

Ken Grant is one of two sacristans who set up St. Agnes' multipurpose room each Saturday for Mass, but the altar was unstable. In search of a replacement, Grant contacted Deacon Joe Streckfuss of the archdiocesan Reclamation Center, which stores items — such as altars — from closed parishes and other facilities for re-use in the future.

DEAR FATHER | Confession should drain the wound caused by sin

Growing up, I remember Mother Angelica on EWTN commenting to callers who had been away from the sacrament of reconciliation or were afraid to go that they would feel so good afterward, that they should go out and buy a pizza. Such a comment came from a heart that had approached the sacrament and found peace in the deep mercy of God.

SEEK 2017 inspires college students to evangelize on campuses

Young adults prayed at Mass as part of the Jan. 3-7 biennial SEEK conference in San Antonio, Texas. The event was designed to bring evangelization efforts to college campuses.

SAN ANTONIO — In need of reigniting the fire for his Catholic faith, Jeremy Martins found the flame he needed at SEEK 2017.

"SEEK is the log I was waiting for," said Martins, a junior at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kan. "It has been two years since a real encounter with Christ."

DEAR FATHER | When a priest is unavailable to give Anointing of the Sick

Father John Mayo

Recently, a relative of mine died without the last rites, because a priest could not be found before they died. Why could we not find a priest in our hour of need? 

CATHOLIC BY GRACE | Throw open the doors of the confessional

It is the key to unleashing the new evangelization. It is essential to carrying out the Gospel mission. What is the key? It is the confessional.
You might have expected me to say the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith. That is true.
But I would posit that priests already carry out this part of their ministry with great faithfulness and devotion. My own parish has four Sunday Masses, daily Mass Monday through Saturday and numerous other Masses throughout the year.
And they come. People show up at every Mass.

Church-going habits that eluded man earlier lead to his baptism

Father James Wuerth, MSF, baptized Arnold “Jay” Williams, 84, earlier this month at St. Wenceslaus Church in south St. Louis. Father Wuerth is pastor of the parish served by the Missionaries of the Holy Family since 1960.

Arnold "Jay" Williams and Mary Gajdosik have been freinds since she and another friend came to his place to pick apples a few years ago. They both enjoyed dancing and found they had much else in common. But Williams did not share her church-going habits.

After about a year of dating, he asked if he could go to St. Wenceslaus Church with her. "I said, 'You don't have to go because I'm going,'" Gajdosik recalled. "He said, 'No, I want to go. Can I go with you?'"

Williams has been attending the church for about three years now. Earlier this year, he told her he wanted to be baptized.

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