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Planned Parenthood, ACLU file lawsuit against Senate bill establishing new standards for abortions

Several Planned Parenthood branches and the ACLU of Missouri have filed a lawsuit against a Senate bill that establishes new standards for abortion facilities.

The lawsuit, filed in state court Oct. 10 by Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and the ACLU of Missouri, asks the court to block SB 5, noting that it "severely restricts access to safe, legal abortion for Missourians."

Convention recharges Catholics’ efforts to respect life

Sister Grace Dominic of the Sisters of Life was the keynote speaker Sunday at the 40th Annual Respect Life Convention at the St. Charles Convention Center. She focused on how mercy is the foundation for the culture of life.

Dolores Klaesner of St. Joseph Parish in Cottleville is recharged after attending the Annual Respect Life Convention.

"I go home more enthused and wanting to do more for the pro-life movement," Klaesner said of the many conventions she's attended, including this year's version on Oct. 16 attended by about 700 people, the 40th year for the event. "You tend to get discouraged, but we get some legislation passed every year that gives you new hope — and we can't stop, that's for sure."

Abortion survivor stirs pro-lifers to ‘keep moving forward’

Aug. 29, 1977, was supposed to be the day that Melissa Ohden was delivered from her mother's womb as a "successful" abortion.

But she lived.

Ohden shared her story with nearly 800 people at the 38th annual Respect Life Convention Oct. 26 at St. Charles Convention Center with the hopes that it inspires people "to keep moving forward" in the pro-life movement, especially on those days when it might feel too difficult.

Awards presented at Respect Life Convention

The Cardinal John J. Carberry and Bishop Joseph A. McNicholas Awards are presented annually at the Respect Life Convention to an individual and Catholic high school or parish youth group for their efforts in furthering the pro-life cause.

Respect Life Convention speaker warns of 'ticking time bomb'

Patrick Madrid speaks with Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

The crowd at the Respect Life Convention was forewarned about the iceberg looming in the distance, an iceberg that could certainly sink the ship unless the pro-life message is shared.

The 37th annual Respect Life Convention, held Oct. 27 at the St. Charles Convention Center, had more than 850 attendees. The event included Mass celebrated by Msgr. Gregory Schmidt; a keynote by Catholic apologist, author and evangelist Patrick Madrid; and workshops on subjects such as end-of-life issues, building a pro-life parish and God's mercy after abortion.

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