Katie Feise had spinal surgery 2010, after suffering a number of injuries over the years. The operation was successful, but her recovery didn't progress like it was supposed to.

"It was like a dark cloud over me," Feise said. "I felt I needed to seek a higher power in my recovery."

Feise believed there was a hurdle in front of her, one that had major spiritual implications and was preventing her from properly healing.

FAITH AND CULTURE | Renewed in the Spirit

For many, cultural celebrations of a new year involve the familiar ritual of reviewing the past in order to prepare and plan for a better future. We identify concrete goals and resolutions that, hopefully, will become real in the coming year. Encouraged by friends, family and colleagues, we move forward with enthusiastic resolve and purpose.

After Pope Francis' visit, Bolivians hope for change

Pope Francis greeted people July 10 as he visited the Palmasola prison in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia -- Ernesto Rossell was born Catholic, went to Catholic schools and was married in the Catholic Church, though he fell away from his faith. But he said seeing the election of Pope Francis, witnessing the pope in person and working on the organization of the papal trip has helped bring him back to his Catholic roots.

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