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Efforts seek to overhaul mandatory minimum sentences

DaRon Jackson served most of a 13-year sentence for possession of crack cocaine. He works in a manufacturing job and lives in north St. Louis County. He was studying Scriptures for a class he takes at his church.

DaRon Jackson was sentenced to 13 years in a federal prison, a mandatory minimum sentence for an offense involving crack cocaine. He was released a year early after a law was changed to prohibit the differences in convictions involving crack cocaine and powdered cocaine.

If his conviction had involved powdered cocaine, he believes he would have had to serve just a few years.

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Criminal Justice Ministry: Rooted in Gospel message

Heidi Moore and Geno Martino made a visit to one of the Criminal Justice Ministry’s sponsored apartments for a spot inspection. Moore left a message on the resident’s kitchen chalkboard to say hello. The resident, who is part of the ministry’s Release to Rent program, was at work at the time of the visit.

Heidi Moore knew that closure was needed. So she did what she had to do, even if it meant spending almost a whole day traveling through rural Missouri.

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