The Kitchen Table


At mid-morning on a recent Thursday, the kitchen was a flurry of activity as the chef and her assistants prepared the luncheon fare for that day.

Ham and cheese sliders, with potato wedges and fried pickles, for the main course, and homemade pudding for dessert.

Yum! And these sliders weren't just ham and cheese slapped on any old bun; they were the loving creation of Bertha Wherry, the lead chef for the day. She put her twist on a standard recipe to make it special.

Build virtue-based relationships

The headline referred to the recent Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline Summer Institute as a "Counter Bullying Workshop." The accompanying news release described VBRD as "a Catholic response to bullying," but that was the only reference to "bullying" in its eight-paragraphs.

Interestingly, not one session of the fourth annual Summer Institute had "bullying" in its title. In fact, the word rarely came up at Cardinal Rigali Center in the four-day program, making it a "counter-bullying workshop" in name only.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Family Life: Relationships shape our whole life

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

As we enter into the heart (and the heat!) of the St. Louis summer, when many of us spend some extra time with our families, I want to reflect with you on family life.

I propose that we begin with what's right in front of us at this time of year: July 4 -- Independence Day.

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