Beyond Sunday pays off in school, PSR grants

“Mine’s raining!” exclaimed first-grader Nathan Frein, 7, while doing an experiment about precipitation on April 11 at the St. Michael the Archangel
campus of Holy Cross Academy. Students predicted how much blue water needed to be added to a cloud of shaving cream to make it “rain” —
the heavier blue water descending through the cloud and into the cup. Holy Cross Academy has been awarded a grant from the Roman Catholic
Foundation of Eastern Missouri to improve its STREAM curriculum.

Catholic school students already have benefited from the Beyond Sunday capital campaign, and now Parish Schools of Religion (PSR), Catholic grade schools and high schools will do the same.

Parish schools of religion provide solid Catholic formation

Queen of All Saints in Oakville, like 120 other parishes, have begun back to school Parish Schools of Religion classes. Msgr.  Henry Breier,  Pastor of the Parish, walked with second-grade student Andy Lauer down the hallway after class.

Armed with fresh notebooks and shiny new pens, the Lane triplets were poised and ready to start the year at Queen of All Saints' Parish School of Religion.

It was the second session for seventh-graders in Deacon Rich Schellhase's class. As students filled their seats, Deacon Schellhase had them turn to a prayer on page six in their new workbooks. But before they got too far, a voice came over the PA and announced there would be an all-school prayer for the intention of St. Teresa of Kolkata, who was canonized just four days later.

“Pizza for PSR” | St. Justin Martyr and St. Simon students connect with St. Andrew PSR peers


The cafeteria scene looked like any gathering at Any School USA, just peer boys and girls sitting around a table and either watching video games on smart phones or nibbling on the day's delicacies — meatball sandwiches and chips washed down with soda pops, juices or sports drinks.

In other words, nothing special.

But this was a novel scene, with students from three schools mingling and beingOne, so to speak, enjoying each other's company and fare from an area food truck.

Student-inventor dissolves environmental problem while adhering to Christian ecology values

Sydney Gralike and her friends found a way to dissolve Styrofoam into glue. Gralike, a 13-year-old Parish School of Religion student at Assumption Parish in south St. Louis County, and her classmate, Christina Yepez, stirred a batch of degenerating Styrofoam.

Sydney Gralike stirred a gooey substance on a piece of Styrofoam. "It's dissolving a little bit," said her assistant, Christina Yepez.

Sydney, a 13-year-old Parish School of Religion student at Assumption Parish in south St. Louis County, is helping to solve one of the world's pressing environmental problems.

St. Catherine Laboure's parish school of religion commences as "holy chaos"

Gwen Fisch, left, introduced herself to classmates at the opening meeting of the fourth-grade Parish School of Religion class at St. Catherine Laboure Parish in Sappington.

By all means, it was "holy chaos" at St. Catherine Laboure's parish school of religion last week.

It was the first Monday night back to school for more than 250 students in grades one through eight. One evening a week, from now until the end of the school year, these students will take time away from their busy schedule at their public schools and devote themselves to learning more about their Catholic faith. They'll use that to develop a relationship with Jesus throughout all facets of their lives.

Pen-pal program puts PSR lessons into action

Brooke Weeks, center, hugged Marietta Jaeger after Jaeger and her pen-pal, Carson Payment, found the most number of Easter eggs during an an activity at Twin Oaks at Heritage Point in Wentzville. Weeks is an activity coordinator at the senior living center. Carson and Jaeger are pen-pals through the Parish School of Religion at Immaculate Conception Parish in Dardenne Prairie.

Sixth-grader Carson Payment held hands with 90-year-old Marietta Jaeger as they made their way around an activity area at Twin Oaks at Heritage Pointe's assisted living center in Wentzville.

Later, Carson and Jaeger searched for Easter eggs. They were joined by other Parish School of Religion students from Immaculate Conception Parish in Dardenne Prarie. The sudents and residents have spent the last year getting to know eachother as pen pals.

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