pregnant and parenting students

SLU makes list of best colleges that support pregnant, parenting students

Providing financial help is one way to help a mother choose life over abortion.

That was Students for Life's motivation when it started an endowment seven years ago to help pregnant and parenting students on the campus of St. Louis University.

SLU Students for Life surpasses goal for endowment that helps pregnant, parenting students

St. Louis University's Students for Life organization recently announced that it has raised more than $192,000 for the Virginia D. Murphy Endowment for Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance.

In 2008, Students for Life established the endowment to help SLU's pregnant and parenting students as they face the financial hardships associated with raising children while continuing their education. The Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance (PPSA) committee was formed as part of Students for Life to increase funds and awareness for the resource.

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