Tax bill called 'unacceptable,' some provisions 'unconscionable'

WASHINGTON -- The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 "is unacceptable" as currently written and it "contains many fundamental structural flaws that must be corrected," stated the chairmen of three committees of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Archbishop asks voters to seek Holy Spirit’s help

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson celebrated Mass at St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish on the eve of the Election. An image that had touched the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, and was also blessed by Saint John Paul II in Rome, was at the Mass.

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson asked Catholics attending an election eve Mass Nov. 7 to turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance in their decisions on how to vote.

"Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts," Archbishop Carlson said in his homily at the Mass at St. Gabriel Church in south St. Louis.

He started his homily by explaining he once told a congregation at Mass that he was going to tell them how to vote. He held their attention through to the end of that homily, when he gave his recommendation: "Read the New Testament and ask the Lord to guide you."

Catholic senator earns victory in federal court against HHS mandate

A Missouri senator won't be forced to pay for health insurance that includes "religiously objectionable" medical services, in a judgment issued in federal court earlier this month.

Judge Jean C. Hamilton granted Sen. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) and his family permanent protection from the federal Health and Human Services mandate that individuals, businesses and non-church entities must purchase health insurance coverage for contraceptives and sterilizations.

THE CATHOLIC DIFFERENCE | Good Catholics, good citizens

George Weigel

The Catholic love affair with the United States of America is heading into rough and uncharted waters — not only in this 2016 election cycle, but for the foreseeable future.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Listen to Jesus when preparing to vote

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

There are a little over 200 days between now and the November election. There are also over 200 chapters in the New Testament. Let's put those numbers together. Why?

We're going to hear many voices in the coming months as we prepare for the election. It isn't too soon to ask: Not only what voices are we hearing, but to what voices are we listening as we decide how to vote? What place does Jesus have among those voices?

THE CATHOLIC DIFFERENCE | Looking toward Election Day

George Weigel

To redeploy a phrase from President Gerald Ford, our "long national nightmare" – in this case, the semi-permanent presidential campaign – will be over in eleven months, or at least suspended for a year or so. It's not been an altogether edifying show to date; one may hope that, as the fields get winnowed down, a measure of the serious debate that befits a great republic might emerge. With a view to encouraging that, here are two suggestions for what Catholics in America might ponder before November 8.

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