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Editorial | The Gospel and culture intermingle

One cannot preach, teach or form persons in the Catholic faith adequately without attending to the ways in which Catholic faith and identity become embodied in culture. Proficiency in matters of culture and intercultural relations is an essential feature of the ongoing process of conversion by which the Gospel becomes life for people.

What the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops stated regarding evangelization in 2007 and restated in 2011 is perhaps even more important today as social media brings popular culture to the forefront instantly.

Has God Pikachu? Popularity of Pokemon Go opens door for church evangelization

Father Thomas Keller, pastor of Assumption Parish in St. Louis visited with Pokemon game players in the church parking lot.  The Parish grounds are a hot spot for the game, and so he and his associate pastor, Father David Miloscia have used the Pokemon craze for some creative evangelization. The high school friends are Alex Koelz, Adam Salman, Blake Koelz, Alec Richardson and Brennan Moore.

The messages are posted across campus at Assumption Church in south St. Louis County:

Attention Pokemon trainers: Feeling alone? God already Pikachu!

Looking for Pokemon? Maybe God is looking for you!

Playing with cheat codes? We've got a sacrament that can fix that!


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