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Women further victimized through harvesting of fetal parts

Women who have an abortion are being further victimized when given the option to donate their child's body parts for research, according to Sue Harvath, who has counseled post-abortive women in the St. Louis area for more than 30 years.

Harvath said it shouldn't matter whether Planned Parenthood is making money from the sale of fetal body parts, as alleged in the undercover Planned Parenthood videos, because even the act of obtaining the body parts is manipulative and flat wrong.

Cardinal O'Malley writes letter to senators encouraging support to defund Planned Parenthood

WASHINGTON — Federal funds should be reallocated so women can obtain their health care from providers that do not promote abortion, Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley, archbishop of Boston, said in an August 3 letter to the U.S. Senate. Cardinal O'Malley urged support for S. 1881, which would withhold federal funds from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates.

St. Louisans show outrage over Planned Parenthood videos at #WomenBetrayed rally

With the heat index pushing past 100 degrees, Phyllis Schlafly addressed those gathered at the #WomenBetrayed rally outside St. Louis Planned Parenthood July 28. "It is an outrage that they are spending your money and your money and my money to commit these terrible, grievous acts," Schlafly said. "So thank you for what you're doing; I hope it will have a big impact and we appreciate you being here today."

The boiling sun and nearly intolerable heat didn't prevent people from sharing their disgust about Planned Parenthood officials allegedly selling fetal body parts from abortion.

About 300 attended the #WomenBetrayed rally July 28 on the sidewalk outside the St. Louis Planned Parenthood. St. Louis was among more than 60 cities that participated in rallies across the country.

Planned Parenthood videos a 'wake-up call for the community'

WEston Kenney | 
Mary Roy was among protesters who prayed outside Planned Parenthood in St. Louis July 21 in response to a video that showed a Planned Parenthood worker apparently negotiating the sale of fetal tissue and organs. Roy is a parishioner at St. James in Potosi.

Mary Maschmeier says the life-size images of babies dismembered from abortion have an impact, whether people like it or not.

The posters were displayed by protesters outside Planned Parenthood in St. Louis last week as news continued about the recent undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood allegedly selling fetal tissue from aborted babies. Maschmeier and about a dozen other protesters stood outside the abortion facility, the group called together to pray in response to the videos.

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EDITORIAL | Humanity denied, women betrayed

As videos surfaced in the past two weeks of Planned Parenthood executives appearing to discuss the sale of fetal organs, persistent defenders of life weren't the only ones outraged. The undercover videos prompted investigations and a storm of social media outcry over the horrific practices discussed in the videos.

Unsurprisingly, Planned Parenthood has called foul. They claim that the videos were edited out of context and that the conversations weren't about the sale of body parts, just recovery of cost, as if that makes the practice acceptable.

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