Editorial | They’re watching us

The news out of Our Lady School simultaneously heartened and disheartened Father Jeffrey Maassen, pastor at the parish in Festus.

On one hand, the school's eighth-graders wanted to be regulars at Sunday Masses, a precept of Catholicism.

On the other, if they expressed this desire, then it must not be happening on a regular basis.

"When I hear my eighth-graders saying, 'I want to go Mass,' that to me is 'Wow,'" Father Maassen said, adding, "It's awesome that they said that, but it's sad, too, because it indicates parents aren't (taking them), which is heartbreaking."

Sociologist: Children tend to 'stick with what they were raised with'

Every step you take

I'll be watching you

-- "Every Breath You Take," The Police

Parents, take heed. You might know this by reading it in a parenting book, magazine or website. Or you might be oblivious.

Either way, your children are watching you, not as in the 1983 song but subconsciously aware of your every move. Just in the normal course of daily family life.

Why take heed?

Simple. Most likely, as you are, they will be.

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