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St. Charles Borromeo students support school in Uganda

The answer was quick when St. Charles Borromeo School parent Stacey Iadezito came to principal Jackie Voelkl asking her help in raising funds to purchase mattresses for Broader Vision School in Uganda.

Certainly, or as Curly Howard from the Three Stooges would emphasize the affirmative, "Soi-ten-ly."

The students at the school in St. Charles responded enthusiastically as well, raising almost $2,230 for the school in Uganda, an archdiocesan Mission Office-sponsored program of Pan y Amor.

Marked by love



They're the children of children who've been living on the streets. Babies born to drug-addicted mothers. Youngsters who've seen horrible things or been abused.

Here, they find love.

It's a 2-year-old lovingly embraced by a staff member. A baby fed by a woman religious. A 3-year-old encouraged and given structure from his classroom teacher. A child with prosthetic leg helped by a physical therapist.

EWTN to air Mission Office documentary on 'The Forsaken'

The children are unwanted, abandoned by their parents, sometimes victims of horrific abuse. While they may be considered castaways -- forsaken and discarded by their parents -- they have not been forgotten.

Pan y Amor spreads mission of hope and love with first Family Day

Jerry Naunheim Jr.

Emily Sumner, left, 10, of Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, Sophia Francis, 10, of Epiphany of Our Lord Parish, and Nicolas Cardenas, 11, of St. Joseph Parish in Manchester, wrote letters to children in Bolivia, Colombia, Uganda and Kenya at Pan y Amor Archdiocesan Family Day Sept. 14 at the Cardinal Rigali Center. Pan y Amor is an archdiocesan mission program helping needy children in Bolivia, Colombia, Kenya and Uganda.

"Hola, mi nombre es Nicolas," 11-year-old Nicolas Cardenas of St. Joseph Parish in Manchester wrote as he crafted a greeting card at the Pan y Amor Archdiocesan Family Day. Nicolas' card is one of many that will be sent to children in various countries who are sponsored by the Pan y Amor mission-aid program.

Pan y Amor -- which means "bread and love" in Spanish -- is a program of the Archdiocesan Mission Office. Through sponsorship donations, Pan y Amor funds programs for children in need in Bolivia, Colombia, Kenya and Uganda.

Pan y Amor family day

A Pan y Amor Archdiocesan Family Day will be held Sunday, Sept. 14, at the Cardinal Rigali Center, 20 Archbishop May Drive in Shrewsbury. The cultures of Bolivia, Colombia, Kenya and Uganda will be highlighted in a mission-carnival setting. Activities will begin at 2:30 p.m. and will conclude with the showing of a new 30-minute Pan y Amor video on the archdiocesan mission program which helps needy children. All who attend will be treated to Ted Drewes frozen custard, and attendance prizes will be awarded.

Pan y Amor brings hope to abandoned children

Javier Mendoza recorded his new song written for Pan y Amor, the Archdiocese of St. Louis’ mission-aid program that supports needy children in several countries. Mendoza will perform a concert in March to benefit Pan y Amor.

Ephrain was abandoned by his mother at the age of 3. The healthy, handsome boy had been discarded in a Bolivian marketplace by his mother.

She had other children, but she simply did not want him. So she sat him down, turned her back and walked away. For three days, little Ephrain wandered around the marketplace, begged for food and slept wherever he could. It was soon evident he needed help. That's when Sister Mary Catherine Feldewert, a Precious Blood Sister from St. Louis, stepped in and brought him to live at Casa Nazareth.

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