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DEAR FATHER | Holy Spirit found in inspiration of Old Testament authors

Where can I find the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament? 

We first find the Holy Spirit's presence in the Old Testament, and throughout the Bible, in His inspiration of the sacred authors of the text. The Spirit inspires the prophecies of the Old Testament, sees their fulfillment in Christ and confirms the Church in the truth of Christ through the writings of the New Testament. While He inspires the biblical authors, He is also actively at work in the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments.

BEFORE THE CROSS | The Old Testament foreshadows the plan Christ fulfills

When God created Adam and Eve, He gave them the breath of life. This first gift foreshadowed the gift of the Holy Spirit — the very breath of God — at Pentecost, which gave the apostles Christ's own life.

When God saw the wickedness of the earth in the time of Noah, He washed away its sins with the flood. The Old Testament flood foreshadowed baptism, which washes original sin from our body and soul.

Dialogue, remembrance, peace highlighted as pope visits synagogue

Pope Francis visited the main synagogue in Rome Jan. 17 and said that the Church “recognizes the irrevocability of the Old Covenant and the constant and faithful love of God for Israel.”

ROME -- While the Catholic Church affirms that salvation comes through Jesus, it also recognizes that God is faithful and has not revoked his covenant with the Jewish people, Pope Francis said.

Interrupted repeatedly with applause at Rome's main synagogue Jan. 17, the pope said the Church "recognizes the irrevocability of the Old Covenant and the constant and faithful love of God for Israel."

DEAR FATHER | Old Testament figures are honored in different way from New Testament saints

Msgr. Matthew Mitas

As there are many holy people in the Old Testament, why do we refer to
them by their names alone and not with the title “saint”? Is there any
reason for this?

Without a doubt, there were many true servants of God in the Old Testament, but they lived in an age when the gates of heaven were closed to the human race. The sanctifying grace by which we are saved came through Jesus Christ, whose conception marked the turning of the last page of the Old Testament and the first of the new.

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