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Hundreds of Nativity scenes — under one roof


It started with a small Nativity scene, with little hand-painted figurines. Years ago, Carol Ehlert was working in a craft store at Village Square shopping center in Hazelwood and saw it come into the store. She knew she had to buy it.

Then came the Precious Moments Nativity set, which she joked she never told her husband how much it cost.

Eventually, collecting Nativity scenes became a nearly 50-year hobby for Ehlert, a member of St. Joseph Parish in Cottleville. Ask her how many she has, and she'll tell you she's simply lost track.

Wisconsin woman makes home for Holy Family with Nativity set collection

A Nativity scene and wall decoration depicting the birth of Christ were seen in the home of Verna Bechard in New London, Wis. At Christmas time, Bechard displays nearly 200 Nativity sets that she’s collected over the years.

NEW LONDON, Wis. -- Every Christmas season, Verna Bechard's home is transformed into a gallery of Nativity sets.

Scenes of the first Christmas in Bethlehem fill nearly every curio cabinet, coffee table, mantel, window sill, hutch and cupboard in her spacious New London home. Today, the collection of Nativity sets numbers 193, with 30 from foreign countries.

Bechard purchased the first set in 1950 to replace one her mother owned.

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