national catholic sisters week

TWENTY SOMETHING | ‘Greater horizons’: Tending to each other and our common home

"One should leave a field better than you found it," an old farmer's saying went.

Sometimes that called for heavy lifting. Other times it just meant picking up a rock as you crossed and placing it at the field's edge.

That counsel stuck with Sister Amy Hereford, CSJ, who grew up on a 10-acre farm in Missouri where sheep roamed and blackberries grew wild. She planted whatever vegetable seemed to be lacking.

National Catholic Sisters Week: Billboard campaign shines light on sisters’ faith in St. Louis

You've more than likely seen one around town. A blank billboard with one simple message in black type:

"We have faith in you, St. Louis.

— St. Louis Catholic Sisters."

Fifteen religious communities who are part of the group St. Louis Catholic Sisters have placed two dozen billboards with this message around the St. Louis area. The campaign, which coincides with National Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14, is meant to instill pride in the community and a desire to work for its betterment, according to a press release.

TWENTY SOMETHING | Bear claws, nose rings and rock bands: Hidden lives of Catholic sisters

Christina Capecchi

Belinda Monahan has analyzed more than 100,000 animal bones in Armenia from the Early Bronze Age (1200 B.C.) to the medieval period.

For the 44-year-old archaeologist from New Jersey, the thrill never wears off.

"When you look at a stork's lower-leg bone, it's about as long as my lower-leg bone; it's kind of startling," she said. "And it's always fun to look at bears. I look at their claws and think, 'Oh, those are cool!'"

National Catholic Sisters Week celebrates vocations

Sister Sarah Heger is a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet and works as a teacher and interim principal at Marian Middle School in St. Louis. The Catholic school is the only all-girls middle school serving urban adolescent youth in the St. Louis community.

Every January, Sister Sarah Heger meets with a group of friends at a retreat center in Arizona for a fun weekend of relaxation and prayer -- and a few games of kickball.

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