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Our Lady of Guadalupe feast celebrates Blessed Mother's generous response of faith

Marco Urbina nervously wrapped his fingers around a maraca as he waited in the church vestibule for the dancing to begin. The 14-year-old has attended Holy Trinity's annual Las Mañanitas and Mass to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe since he was 6; now he's part of the matachines — a group of dancers who perform a ritual dance in honor of the Queen of Heaven.

"We dance for the Virgin Mary," said Marco, with a wide grin and a dimple in his cheek. "It's like celebrating a special birthday for the greatest woman who ever lived."

Pan y Amor video highlights 'hands, feet of Christ in action'

Recording artist Javier Mendoza and Msgr. Francis X. Blood, director of the archdiocesan Mission Office, sang with some of the boys from Casa Nazareth, a home in Cochabamba, Bolivia, for approximately 25 boys ages 5 to 11. The boys receive formal education and counseling and are taught to be responsible for the home and for each other.

Nearly 20 years ago, Chuck Neff of Salt River Productions traveled to Bolivia to produce a video, "Street Kids of Cochabamba," to promote the Pan y Amor program, which had just been established.

He returned this February with the intention of producing another documentary, possibly to air on a broadcast outlet. He also is making a series of short videos, one of which was just released, highlighting Pan y Amor and his visit.

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