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Students’ winning artwork captures Christmas joy

Elise McIntyre and Molly Arft both had their artwork chosen for the Missionary Childhood Association annual Christmas Artwork Contest.

Christmas joy is captured in the artwork of two Catholic school students from the archdiocese chosen as national winners in the Missionary Childhood Association Christmas Artwork Contest.

A winning submission from Molly Arft, a fourth-grader at Holy Infant School in Ballwin, depicts an angel singing with a sleeping, smiling baby Jesus in front of her. The other winning entry, from Elise McIntyre, a second-grader at St. Justin Martyr School in Sunset Hills, shows Mary holding baby Jesus, both with big smiles and bright eyes. Two big, bright stars shine in the background.

Young artist’s work supports Church’s missionary effort

Ella Traina, a fourth-grader at St. Justin Martyr School, won the Missionary Childhood Association contest for designing their Christmas card artwork. The cards are available in St. Louis at Catholic Supply. She smiled at her desk partner in her art class.

At the table in the art room of St. Justin Martyr School in Sunset Hills, fourth-grader Ella Traina concentrated on making a symetrical drawing.

Teacher Patti Frentzel explained that keeping it symmetrical — duplicate parts facing each other — meant that "whatever you do one one side, you do on the other." Ella's sports-themed border fit that definition.

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