I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | We are all foreign missionaries for Christ

Bishop Robert J. Hermann

This Sunday is Mission Sunday, a time to focus on the work of the foreign missions in the Church. You're a foreign missionary for Christ, whether you know it or not.

You know many people -- perhaps family members, friends or acquaintances -- who really don't know Christ. They might be baptized Christian, but the person of Christ is foreign to them. They're foreigners to the Kingdom of Christ and don't even know it. They may associate with believing Catholics, but they don't know Christ. If they knew Christ, they would become missionaries for Him.

Longtime missionaries' return is a cross to bear

Maryknoll Father Joseph W. Halpin was made for parish work, and Most Precious Blood Parish in Guatemala City was the right fit.

"I just liked the work with the people -- nice people, you know," Father Halpin said. They are warm and family-oriented, no pretenses, "very simple people," he said.

Father Halpin returned to his hometown of St. Louis Sept. 15 for kidney dialysis and now is at the Maryknoll health care facility in New York. "I'd rather be down there," he said of his parish. A lot of tears were shed when he said goodbye for the last time.

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