POPE’S MESSAGE | Don’t compromise on protecting minors from abuse

Pope Francis greeted a 99-year-old blind woman Jan. 20 along the parade route in Trujillo, Peru.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis said he told the bishops and priests of Chile to be uncompromising when it comes to protecting minors from sexual abuse and to trust that God will purify and renew His Church during this time of trial.

Problems and conflicts must never be swept under the rug, he also said, because they can be resolved only through openness and dialogue.

At his weekly general audience Jan. 24 in St. Peter's Square, the pope told an estimated 15,000 pilgrims and visitors about his Jan. 15-21 visit to Chile and Peru.

Editorial | Border influx shows price of inaction

The stalled immigration reform bill, S.B. 744, once again has received attention with what is being called a crisis of unaccompanied minors coming across the border into the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. The number of children apprehended there has grown by at least 5,000 in recent months.

U.S. immigration authorities expect 70,000 such migrants will arrive at the Mexican-U.S. border this year, up from 24,668 last year. The number is projected to rise to 127,000 in the next year.

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