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Chaminade student exudes calm, peace found in example of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Miles Williams served breakfast to residents of Father Dempsey’s Charities as part of his service work through Chaminade College Preparatory. Williams is one of 32 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Model of Justice honorees who were recognized Jan. 15.

The first time Miles Williams made breakfast for homeless men at Father Dempsey's Charities, he took his time neatly lining the bacon on the pan, much to the annoyance of his fellow volunteers.

It was a first-timer's mistake, he later acknowledged with a grin, and it earned him the nickname "Rookie." Now a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory, Williams knows the routine — pile on the bacon, and get it done quickly.

MLK Model of Justice Award honorees explain passion for social justice

Niya Tandy's project for a class at St. Joseph's Academy was to design a plan of action to address an issue she feels passionately about.

Passion for issues comes easy for Tandy, who has a thirst for social justice. She is one of 39 students representing parishes and schools who will receive archdiocesan Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Model of Justice awards Sunday, Jan. 17.

GUEST COLUMNIST | In need of revival: God is the source, we are the breeding vessels

Father Arthur Cavitt

A few weeks ago, someone reminded me of the North City Deanery Revival in 2006, when I preached for three consecutive nights. Neither of us knew that years later, I would become pastor at the very site of that revival -- St. Nicholas Parish in downtown St. Louis.

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