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‘Priest for a day’ meets ‘beacon of hope’ in Philadelphia

Brett Haubrich who was “Priest for a Day” as part of his “Make a Wish,” was invited to attend the papal Mass closing the World Meeting of Families. He hugged his mother, Eileen, after seeing the pope. His father, Conrad Haubrich, stood by.

Brett Haubrich of "Priest for a Day" fame met a special person on his trip to Philadelphia on the last weekend of September.

But that certain someone wore neither a white cassock nor a white zucchetto. Nor did he answer to "Jorge."

So it wasn't Pope Francis, though Brett, mom Eileen and dad Conrad went to Philly as guests of honor to experience the pope celebrating Mass to close the World Meeting of Families.

‘Priest for a day' is a wish that came true


Make-A-Wish requests often involve meeting athletes, attending sporting events or traveling to amusement parks or beaches.

When it came time for 11-year-old Brett Haubrich of south St. Louis County to make his wish, he not only listed none of those things but had no request at all.

"He didn't want anything," explained his mother, Eileen. "They had to keep asking him, 'What would you like to do? Do you want to meet anybody? What do you want to be when you grow up?'"

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