letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

God's mercy

An early spring snow shower spread a blanket of pure white snow across our unsightly, leaf-littered backyard, a reminder of the transformative power of God's grace and how His gentle love caresses even the most callous and cynical among us.

Letters to the editor

A home run

I have to give Archbishop Robert J. Carlson credit for writing another brilliant column in the St. Louis Review (Before the Cross, Feb. 16). When the Archbishop uses the spiritual analogy of comparing Lent with baseball, he is telling the faithful God wants us to follow Him.

Without proper conditioning, baseball players can't set records, let alone make the team roster. We Catholics revere the cross as our championship trophy over sin, and our entry into heaven.

Letters to the editor

Pray for marriage

Mike Hoey wrote a very good article on marriage ("The marriage crisis no one is talking about," Missouri Catholic Conference Messenger, August), but failed to include our greatest weapon against the attacks on holy matrimony and the family. I was brought up with the understanding that there were three main vocations in life: religious, married and single. While I frequently hear prayers for an increase in religious vocations, I almost never hear prayers for holy matrimony or singles.

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