BEFORE THE CROSS | The Scrutinies aid our dedication to Lent

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson and St. Louis University president Fred Pestello were welcomed by the crowd at the Celebrating Catholic Education Night at the SLU Billikens basketball game. A highlight of the night was a 3-point “Shot for Cash” featuring Sister Laura Bradford, SDSH, Dominican Brother Chris Johnson and Father Paul Hoesing from Kenrick-Glennon Seminary. Father Hoesing’s shot hit nothing but net and he won the contest.

As we reach the middle weeks of Lent and as Easter comes on the horizon (it's one month to Holy Week!), it's a good time to step back and take stock. How's your Lent going?

MAN OF THE HOUSE | Taking a spiritual ‘deeper dive’ this Lent

Mike Eisenbath

In my job, I supervise financial advisors for a large firm. I primarily focus on the best interest of clients, with special consideration given to the many laws and federal regulations governing the industry. I monitor a variety of actions using the phone, the computer and face-to-face interaction.

Occasionally, I take extra time, use some unique tools and technology to look more closely at how an advisor runs his or her business. I get more detailed in my analysis. In my department, we call that making a "deeper dive."

Borgia choir brings Stations of Cross to life with devotional CD

Cover image of "The Way of the Cross: A Concert Prayer of the Stations of the Cross," features 16 songs by the 50-member choir at St. Francis Borgia Church.

Paige Byrne Shortal went through a difficult period in the late 1980s. In her pain, she turned to the Stations of the Cross.

What came of that experience was a series of reflections, which are included in a CD released this Lent by the St. Francis Borgia Choir in Washington.

"The Way of the Cross: A Concert Prayer of the Stations of the Cross," features 16 songs (14 stations and an opening and closing song) by the 50-member choir, recorded last July at St. Francis Borgia Church. Two narrators present the reflections before each song.

I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | God passionately wants to reveal His saving mercy

The readings for the Third Sunday in Lent clarify that our mysterious God calls us into an intimate relationship with Him, and He will speak to us through angels, persons and everyday life events.

In the first reading, God speaks through an angel, a flaming bush and His own voice, calling Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, into the desert and into still another pagan land.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Lenten checkpoint: kick-start your journey

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

So, how's your Lent coming?

If it needs a kickstart, here are two ideas.

First: It isn't too late to start. One of the enemy's tactics is to tell us that if we didn't start on time, or start well, it's too late. But does that reasoning draw you closer to the Lord, or keep you off the path of discipleship? It's a false reasoning. Its root is known by its fruit: It discourages us from drawing closer to the Lord.

Lenten resolution: Commit to live in ways pleasing to God

Resolve to live more consistently in ways pleasing to God this Lent.

That simple advice comes from Father Philip Sosa, provincial superior of the North American Province of the Missionaries of the Holy Family, based in St. Louis at St. Wenceslaus Parish.

"As we begin our Lenten Journey, let us commit to doing more than wearing ashes on our foreheads. Let us resolve to live more consistently in ways pleasing to God, and may He give you whatever you need to testify to His love," Father Sosa wrote before the beginning of Lent.

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