Editorial | Speak up on mental illness

When a child has a fever or a rash that won't seem to go away, it's off to the doctor's office. Broken bones expedite a trip to the emergency room.

But somehow, we don't always treat emotional and mental well-being in the same way. And it's no wonder, the way our culture treats mental illness.

The comments and jokes about those with mental illness happen too often. Most people don't mean to be offensive, but it perpetuates the stigma of mental illness.

AT LARGE | With abortion, non-threatening words describe horrific actions

Dave Luecking


There, got your attention.

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson used this stark word with great impact in his homily at the Mass for Peace and Justice on Aug. 9, the one-year anniversary of Ferguson.

He used the killing of Jesus as his first example of forgiveness.

"... when He forgives those who killed Him."

That certainly got people's attention, and right off the hop, too. If Archbishop Carlson had used "crucified," the impact wouldn't have been as great.

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