Lowe’s aids St. Agnes sacristan by restoring altar

Ken Grant, a resident and a sacristan St. Agnes Apartments, a Cardinal Ritter Senior Services facility in south St. Louis, was looking to replace a worn-out altar. He got an older altar from the archdiocesan Reclamation Office that was restored, thanks to a community service effort at Lowe’s home improvement store.

God must have wanted a newly refurbished altar.

Or so it seems to residents of St. Agnes Apartments, a Cardinal Ritter Senior Services residence in south St. Louis. They enjoyed a series of fortunate events that led to a sorely needed replacement altar.

Ken Grant is one of two sacristans who set up St. Agnes' multipurpose room each Saturday for Mass, but the altar was unstable. In search of a replacement, Grant contacted Deacon Joe Streckfuss of the archdiocesan Reclamation Center, which stores items — such as altars — from closed parishes and other facilities for re-use in the future.

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