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BEFORE THE CROSS | Jesus reveals His Sacred Heart by seeking out those needing mercy

This week we celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus (June 8) and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (June 9). Both of their hearts provide a lesson and a challenge for us.

First, consider Jesus' instinct to turn toward the people who most need mercy. When Jesus was criticized for this tendency, He responded simply: "Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do" (Mark 2:17). His heart drew Him to be in the midst of sickness, because that's where a physician does the most good.

Devotion makes a comeback thanks to Alliance of the Holy Family


The afternoon light streamed through the windows of the dining room, where a small group was gathered on a Sunday afternoon. At the center of the dining table sat a framed image of the unusual guests of honor — the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Father John Hansen, SMP, began the prayers as a trio of women sang lines from the Lourdes Hymn:

Immaculate Mary, thy praises we sing,

Thou reignst now in heaven with Jesus our King.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!

Called and gifted workshop to be held Sept. 14

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in New Melle is sponsoring a "Called and Gifted" workshop on Saturday, Sept. 14. The one-day event will help participants determine their God-given gifts and how they can be used to change their lives and the lives of others.

Students' Mass commitment shows solidarity

After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, eigth-graders from Immaculate Heart of Mary school decided to go to Mass an extra day each week together and pray for all those affected by the tragedy. Madeline Campisi exchanged the sign of peace with her classmates during Mass.

When many students at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in south St. Louis were just waking up, several eighth-graders were getting ready to take their seats in the daily Mass chapel.

Just a typical Friday.

Eight students wore "Class of '13" T-shirts at Mass recently. They read Scripture and petitions and brought the average age of those attending Mass that day way down.

Dear Father | Immaculate Conception of Mary is essential to God's plan for salvation

Q: I thought that the Immaculate Conception was about the conception of Jesus, but people tell me it is about the conception of Mary. Can you clarify this? 

In God's salvific plan, before Jesus could be born, God needed a suitable mother who would not only be willing to bear God's Son in her womb, but also be spiritually prepared for this unique, grace-filled event.

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