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Spiritual adoption of seminarians shines light on vocations


As Mark Madden sat in front of the classroom, the children peppered him with questions:

What's your favorite food?

What's your favorite movie?

Do you like chicken nuggets?

What's your favorite book?

Then came the deeper questions — well, mostly. What's it like in the seminary? If you're on a silent retreat, are you still allowed to yell if a tree is falling down?

Parish sees school security efforts as important life issue

Becky Tucker, principal of Immaculate Conception School in Union, and Travis Blankenship, a parishioner who is a sergeant with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and owner of Threat Assessment Consultants, recently reviewed security procedures at the school. They talked at the school entrance, which has a film cover behind the glass that repels bullets and attempts to break through it as well as hiding the interior from outside view.

Members of Immaculate Conception Parish in Union know that protecting the lives of their children is an important life issue.

That's why they didn't hesitate to raise funds for protective, tinted glass; a doorway establishing a containment area between the outside entrance and the school offices and classrooms; secure classroom doors; a response alarm; mapping system and much more. Parents, students and staff attend regular training on how to respond to an intruder. An awareness of surroundings and possible threats are communicated clearly.

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